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Freelance Computer Systems Technician
A Computer Systems Technician monitors the operations of an organization’s computer network, hardware, software, and operating systems. Technicians monitor system performance and troubleshoot errors to provide clients with uninterrupted access and services. They help the IT team in the operational functions of the software and PC hardware. Individuals also ensure that hardware, software, and related technologies are operating correctly.
Finally, they should possess excellent customer service skills.
Technicians need to respond to tickets opened by end users or clients for PCs, mobile devices, printers, and VoIP systems by diagnosing and resolving them. They configure, deploy, and repair desktops and laptops, with operating systems, such as Windows, macOS or Linux, in addition to mobile devices, printers, scanners, VoIP systems, and other hardware and software. They also help in monitoring and supervising processes of system backup and recovery.

PC System Technicians create training modules and documentation to help their team members in using office computers, hardware, and other equipment. They coordinate with vendors for both warranty system resolutions and new technology implementations. Technicians comply with their organizations’ inventory policies regarding hardware and software.

They work in partnership with other teams within the organization, provide them support in all matters relating to hardware and software, perform cable and network installations, and maintain proper documentation regarding maintenance and fixes of all equipment.

Moreover, technicians carry out preventive maintenance periodically on computer systems and hardware devices.

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