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Fiber Optic Technician Job Description:

Typically, this type of technician is also known as a Fiber Network Technician or as a Fiber Network Field Technician. Fiber optics technicians work in a variety of building types, from large to multi-story office buildings to small housing communities.

The following list defines the primary official responsibilities of a Fiber Optics Technician:

* Set up, troubleshoot, and maintain all fiber optic systems within a business, private home, university campus, and at other related administrations facilities by ensuring that they are all working correctly.

* Evaluates, tests, and repairs old or malfunctioning fiber cables along with scheduled preventive maintenance routines.

* Locate, cut, splice and repair fiber optic cable problem areas

* Generate sensor indicators and execute inspections ensuring the fiber optic systems do not contain faults that could destabilize its performance.

* Conducts regular inspections of the assigned system and repairs any defects recognized.

* Performs premises cabling and runs fiber optic cables underground and underwater.

* Measures the signal strength of television, telephone, and internet data connections to ensure adequate performance within desired parameters.

* Prepares, and maintains system records and system diagrams.

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