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Despite the common views that video games contribute to violence, aggressive behavior, social isolation, escapism, addiction, psychological and mental disorders, and the progression of threatening physical health problems, smart video games positively influence personal growth and development of people. Moreover, in addition to the enormous entertainment value of smart games, these video games provide numerous positive benefits to video gamers, especially improved coordination of movements, increased motivation and self-esteem, positive educational and therapeutic effects, and development of the interactive and competitive environment. Also, vast proliferation of technological innovations ensures a unique opportunity to video game designers and developers to create alternative realities to motivate people to engage in extraordinary activities, overcome technophobia, and solve real-life challenges with the help of transferable IT skills. The current paper aims to shed light on the nature, main ideas, and objectives of smart video games. Moreover, much attention will be paid to the statistical data associated with smart video games in the UAE, especially the average age and gender of video gamers, the increased popularity of games, and many other factors. Finally, the research paper will review the contribution of smart video games to the development of addictive behaviors that put at risk safety and security of populations https://great-essays.com/essays/lack-of-good-education/.

General Overview of Smart Video Games

The researchers who explore the significance of smart video games claim that these electronic games focus on two- or three-dimensional images with the purpose to produce realistic feelings and emotions. The main ideas and motives of these games are to create an interactive environment, immerse the players in the world of alternative reality, motivate people to establish certain goals that would contribute to the welfare of community, enhance technological, mathematical, and scientific knowledge, abilities, and skills of people. Despite critics of video games claim that these forms of online entertainment have nothing is common with the terms “smart” and “intelligent”, psychologists prove that many online games, including Clash of Clans and Boom Beach, should be classified as smart online games. Both of them strengthen the sense of achievement and self-worth, promote coordination and critical-thinking skills of the active player community, and positively influence imagination of gamers. Thus, although these smart games focus on imaginary world and alternative reality, they give the chance to people to adapt to challenges that usually arise in real-life situations.