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“The more you leverage preeminent plugins the faster you see your business growth”. For most of the users, it is good for reading only but in reality, it is not possible. Here we will prove you wrong because we will introduce one of the superfine plugins that are essential for your business growth and productivity. Outright Store has an add-on for you called SuiteCRM DocuSign. What is it and how is it a better example of upsurging business growth? Let’s dig in

Whenever a client calls you for signing the document regarding the business deal you visit to their office or the place they call you. You stop entire important works and go straight to their place for signing purpose. If this world wants to dovetail their business with a new advanced concept then why not you? You should strive for the Digital Signature extension in your business. Here you can prepare your documents by using digital signature and can send them to your client via SuiteCRM.

The E-signature plugin is remarkable for saving tons of time and your extra efforts. From your home or office, you can send documents with your E-signature. The best way to manage your work with ease and with zero percent difficulty. But this is not the only function for you all. We have more surprises for you that can win the heart of every reader who is paying attention here. Are you geared up to know more about such features of this digital signature addon?

The user will always receive a notification whatever the activity he/she is doing. It’s very important for the security purpose. Secondly, custom history is maintained here. Thanks to Outright Store for bringing such an exceptional function for data security. Here, no fret because your records are properly safe. Sounds great! Furthermore, you can download the document whatever you shared with your client. Also, it’s easy to preview and watch the document properly.

The gist of this addon called E-signature is real-time synchronization between SuiteCRM and DocuSign. And you are free to create the profile of customers in CRM. No matter whether they exist there or not. Share this addon content with the Real-estate business entrepreneur, Call center CRM operator, Sales business, IT sector, and with every business size. The plugin may cost you $299.00. Use the splendid Digital signature addon extension to get an impeccable experience.



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