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Apakah Anda sering berolahraga? Jika demikian, Anda mungkin tahu manfaat dari latihan yang hebat. Ini membantu memulihkan energi, menjaga berat badan yang sehat, dan bahkan meningkatkan mood seseorang. Anda mungkin juga tahu efek latihan yang luar biasa pada otot. Jika Anda berolahraga, kemungkinan Anda mengalami lebih dari sekadar nyeri otot. Apa yang harus dilakukan? Anda harus berolahraga agar tetap sehat, tetapi nyeri otot sudah cukup untuk membuat Anda ingin melempar handuk yang berkeringat! Nah, sebelum Anda menyingkirkan peralatan dan perlengkapan olahraga Anda dan menukarkannya untuk remote universal, ada beberapa hal yang dapat Anda lakukan untuk menyingkirkan rasa sakit otot! mungkin tidak perlu memberi tahu Anda manfaat peregangan sebelum setiap latihan. Ini sangat penting. Ini membuat Anda limbung dan mempersiapkan otot-otot Anda untuk stres latihan. Ketika Anda gagal melakukan ini, Anda berisiko mengalami nyeri otot yang serius yang dapat membuat Anda gila. Pastikan Anda melakukan peregangan setiap kali sebelum memulai latihan. Juga, peregangan setelah latihan benar-benar dapat membantu mencegah nyeri otot juga. Ini adalah obat sakit otot yang hebat. Dalam keadaan alamiah, tidak dimurnikan, itu adalah semacam krim penyembuhan yang akan membantu seluruh beban masalah dan nyeri otot adalah salah satunya. Menggosokkan ini sebelum memulai latihan dapat benar-benar membantu mencegah nyeri otot. Belum lagi manfaat kulit bagus yang akan menyertainya. Setelah Anda mandi, Anda dapat menggosok lebih banyak Shea Butter untuk memerangi rasa sakit otot yang lelah dan sakit. Ide cara menghilangkan jerawat yang bagus adalah mencairkan Shea Butter sampai hangat dengan nyaman, dan gosokkan ini ke kulit Anda, pijat otot-otot Anda. Tidak hanya Shea Butter yang kaya dan hangat merasa sangat baik, tetapi Anda dapat secara praktis mencium sakit otot tersebut.

Satu lagi hal hebat yang bisa Anda lakukan untuk menghilangkan nyeri otot Anda dengan itu adalah mencairkan sebagian dan memasukkannya ke dalam air panas. Ini memiliki efek yang sama seperti ketika Anda menggosoknya di kulit Anda, tetapi dengan manfaat tambahan dari mandi air panas yang menenangkan. Rendam dalam ini selama yang Anda inginkan, dan kemudian ingat untuk menggosok lebih banyak Shea Butter pada kulit Anda ketika Anda keluar.

Berolahraga adalah salah satu hal terbesar yang dapat Anda lakukan untuk tubuh Anda dan untuk tetap sehat. Mengecewakan ketika Anda berolahraga dan berakhir dengan nyeri otot dan nyeri. Kiat dan gagasan di atas akan sangat membantu Anda mengurangi rasa sakit itu, sehingga Anda akan merasa lebih termotivasi untuk terus berlatih. Anda tidak harus hidup dengan rasa sakit otot yang muncul setiap kali Anda berolahraga dan berolahraga. Hei, dalam beberapa kasus, adalah mungkin untuk memiliki kue dan memakannya juga! Tetap sehat dan tetap bahagia!

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After architects create network designs, Cisco Engineers implement changes to their arrangement taking into account issues, such as traffic logjams, upgrading of essential infrastructure, troubleshooting issues inconveniencing customers, undertaking precautionary maintenance, etc.

Their role also includes managing firewall and other security mechanisms, maintaining and supporting routers and switches, making sure that all WAN/LAN circuits are operating at all times, securing Internet line and ensuring that is operational, configuring DNS Servers, creating exhaustive documentation of system configuration and processes.

Cisco Engineers should always be on the lookout for options for improving processes and system automation, working with several teams to get back service in order quickly after an issue, designing and updating network diagrams, confirming networks which comply with all DoD regulations.

Providing training as and when needed, conducting regular audits, testing, and troubleshooting as per PCI and IT policies, and installing LAN software upgrades.

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Telecom companies at present continue to upgrade their networks to fiber optic technology. Fiber networks can transmit a massive amount of data more efficiently than a copper cable network. Skilled professionals remain a requirement in the implementation of this technology.

An expert level of fiber optic cabling knowledge will help you stand out as a candidate. In addition, a candidate should possess experience with cable splicing as well as system program installation.

Fiber Network Technician Salary:

The average salary of Fiber Technician, as per payscale, ranges from $30,845 to $73,803 per year.

A certified Fiber Technician has a lot of market value when compared to other professionals. Either full time or freelance, this position boasts significant potential in the global marketplace. Working as a freelancer can be a rewarding opportunity that can take your career to the next level. provides one of the best freelance jobs for fiber optic technicians. Leveraging your experience in the field can lead to great employment opportunities. Sign up at to reap the benefits.

With more than 35,000+ freelance field engineers in over 170 countries, this unique gateway will take you to the pinnacle of success.

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Fiber Optic Technician Job Description:

Typically, this type of technician is also known as a Fiber Network Technician or as a Fiber Network Field Technician. Fiber optics technicians work in a variety of building types, from large to multi-story office buildings to small housing communities.

The following list defines the primary official responsibilities of a Fiber Optics Technician:

* Set up, troubleshoot, and maintain all fiber optic systems within a business, private home, university campus, and at other related administrations facilities by ensuring that they are all working correctly.

* Evaluates, tests, and repairs old or malfunctioning fiber cables along with scheduled preventive maintenance routines.

* Locate, cut, splice and repair fiber optic cable problem areas

* Generate sensor indicators and execute inspections ensuring the fiber optic systems do not contain faults that could destabilize its performance.

* Conducts regular inspections of the assigned system and repairs any defects recognized.

* Performs premises cabling and runs fiber optic cables underground and underwater.

* Measures the signal strength of television, telephone, and internet data connections to ensure adequate performance within desired parameters.

* Prepares, and maintains system records and system diagrams.

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Technicians interested in pursuing this position should have a bachelor’s degree in electronics, software or IT engineering. A master’s degree provides an added advantage.


* Cisco certificates (CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE)
* Certified Telecommunications Network Specialist (CTNS)
* Certified Telecommunications Analyst (CTA)
* Certified IP Telecom Network Specialist (CIPTS)
* Certified Wireless Analyst (CWA)

Field Support Engineer Salary

According to the, a Support Engineer earns about $64,966 per year. As per other sources, salaries average $ 87,000 per year with a minimum of $ 48,000 offered. Candidates with the right amount of experience can earn up to $ 93,000. Other factors play an important role, including other relevant skills, academic background and the location and size of the company.

Career Outlook

Considerable competition exists for this position. Even though there are many job opportunities available, only candidates with the right mix of skills will get hired. Employers look at relevant experience, the extent of work experience and prefer that candidates have a varied skill set and that they can learn new technologies quickly.

Field Engineer is a One-Stop Destination

Get in touch with businesses that are looking for skilled professionals at the world’s largest online marketplace for telecom & Network professions. Sign up at and explore job opportunities from 170 countries across the globe to land in your dream job.

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16 views · 12 days ago Kim Kardashian is mostly forward of most tendencies ― like using social media as branding or sporting too-small shades, spandex and Perspex sneakers ― nonetheless it appears she's a couple of years behind on modern podcasts. In the Kardashian world, everything is usually a publicity stunt. The media blitz of a wedding simply may have been, and was claimed to be by both Kris Humphries and Kim's ex-publicist Even on the A-record, it's your job to continue to advertise your self, just like Kim does. Kim continued to increase her empire after her ascent with the birth of her first child , together with her marriage to rapper Kanye West, and a Vogue cover branding them the #worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple.

In June 2017, Kardashian launched her KKW Beauty makeup line, which incorporates contour and highlighting kits. She also collaborated on a lipstick assortment with her youngest sister, Kylie Jenner. Less than three hours after its initial launch, Kardashian's KKW line had sold out all 300,000 of its kits, raking in an estimated $14.4 million, TIME reported.

A lot of her wealth comes from her quick-promoting make-up line, Kylie Cosmetics, greatest recognized for its lip kits. Kylie Cosmetics has made a surprising $420 million since launching lower than two years ago, Kris Jenner told Women's Wear Daily earlier this 12 months. Kylie additionally has a lucrative sponsorship cope with Puma and is the latest member of the family to get her own spin-off sequence, referred to as Lifetime of Kylie. Kylie and Kendall also have their very own vogue line.

Kim Ok also posted in regards to the taping on Twitter, however didn't reveal who walked away the winner. In line with TMZ, the star was stopped leaving the Create & Cultivate Convention later in the evening on Saturday, however Kim nonetheless wouldn't reveal if Staff West was victorious on the present.

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Networks Resident Engineers need to conduct information gathering workshops with clients to understand their existing network infrastructure and technical necessities of new network designs. They also need to know their network implementation, organizational structure, support processes, provide guidance for network design by understanding and developing solutions, and guide in implementation so that it meets design specifications and plan.

Furthermore, they must test new designs, features, and functionality in a pre-production environment. They also implement and verify on the live network and test patches and fixes to operating software in order to confirm proper functionality on the live network. They resolve issues with equipment and network, open and track TAC (technical assistance center) cases until they fix problems on pre and post-production issues, raise equipment RMAs (Return to Manufacturer Authorizations) to track through troubleshooting, document status reports regularly of design projects, equipment and network problems for clients, arrange technology workshops with clients to communicate about equipment and network problems, provide updates on case status, including causes, issues, and solutions, develop procedures for operating network and equipment, educate clients design, support staff to configure and operate network products, regularly interact with internal engineering and QA Sys Test Teams, and develop ancillary skills in other products in the product portfolio.

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Beberapa pebisnis yang ingin menekuni bisnis online terkadang membutuhkan panduan guna bisa menjalankan business mereka. Untuk itu, kami berikan panduan startup business plan :