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GrayMatter is a leading big data consulting company that has served global clientele successfully. Our Big Data services range from big data analytics consulting to data integration & processing to visualization on top of the big data platform. We also provide performance tuning services for your big data system as well as training for client’s end users. GrayMatter also provides analytics for your big data platform hosted on the cloud.

data analytics services
Data Strategy, Technology Selection and Architecture Advisory

Big Data Analytics Consulting
Data Integration and Management
Extraction of Big Data from diverse sources and processing of the same

big data analytics companies
Cloud Services
Secure, scalable and high-performance big data platform on the cloud

data analytics consulting
Discovery Services
Visualization services on top of Big Data processing landscape

data analytics services
Performance Tuning
Monitoring, maintenance and enhancement to improve performance

big data consulting
Training on technologies like Hadoop, Apache, Spark, Hive, Cassandra, MongoDB

Typical Architecture
High volumes of complex data are acquired from a variety of data sources and processed.
GrayMatter experts enable merging, transformation and processing of such data before load to target data warehouse, to enable analysis on top of such data

big data services