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Have you ever thought about joining the Solar Energy Industry Jobs? Have you been wondering what it takes to prepare you for job in solar energy industry?

You must have seen rooftop solar panels, or a vast area of land covered with thousands of solar panels, known as solar farms. A house equipped with such solar panels or a small community powered by a stand-alone solar farm is a direct example of solar energy industry. The solar energy industry uses one of the most promising renewable energy technologies that produce energy (electricity or thermal energy) by harnessing sunlight (i.e., solar energy) and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) when compared to energy produced from fossil fuels (petroleum, coal).

In addition to energy production, the solar energy industry is growing in importance because of its role in mitigating climate change. The solar energy industry consists of solar photovoltaic and solar thermal technology, for generating electricity and thermal energy respectively.

Renewable Energy Online provides a comprehensive, engaging and authentic training resource on all areas of renewable energy technologies.